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Egyptian Inspired Designs & Fabrics

Egyptian Inspired
Hand Sewn
Detailed Edges
Bold Colors
Unique Patterns

About the Artist

noha nadler

SOPHIA DESIGNS was inspired by my trip to Egypt in the summer of 2010. Stirred by the amazing hand dyed and hand made fabrics, I knew I had to create something fabulous with them. Here I was walking amongst ancient buildings along primitive man made dirt pathways and beautiful mosques with history that surrounded me. It was beyond surreal. This simple experience awakened my soul and passion to create timeless, yet fashion forward handbags.

Every material is carefully selected and each piece is uniquely crafted by Egyptian artisans creating the perfect handbag for fashion lovers like myself. A stark contrast to cheaply made, mass produced handbags, you’ll find the attention to detail is unparalleled. I am so proud of the rich heritage and care behind each and every bag and I love sharing these amazing items with women around the world.


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